eCV operates as a Collaboratory of International Members

eCV Corporation

            Cheryl Garbos                         Co-Founder, Owner, President, CFO, Ordained Minister/Educator                   USA

            Raymond Garbos                    Co-Founder, Owner, VP, CTO, Engineering Fellow since 1984                          USA

            Eric Garbos                             IT Director                                                                                                         USA

Charter Members*

            Dr. Andrzej Rucinski              Prof. Emeritus, UNH, Director of IoT lab, ICT/IoT Expert                               USA

            Jason Jeffords                          SB Owner, Adj. Prof. UNH/SNHU, ICT/IoT Expert                                        USA

            Dr. John Apostolos                 SB Owner/CTO, Scientific Fellow, over 100 patents                                           USA

            William Mouyos                     SB Owner with 25+ patents, System Engineer                                                    USA

            Dr. Zelalem Temesgen            Professor Mayo Clinic, Fellow -Infectious Diseases, Educator                             USA

            Dr. Joshua VanPelt                  Pharmacist, MBA                                                                                               USA

            Mariusz Sawinski                    International Technology, Business, Government Expert                                 Poland

            Global Innovation Solutions   Woman-Owned SB, Mangt & Technology Consulting -          USA

Additional Members*

            Dr. Robert Straitt                    Business Efficiency Expert, Priest, Anthropologist                                              USA

            Dr. Sumit Chowdhury            Member of India’s 100 Smart City Program, CEO Gaia Smart Cities                India

            Nadine Straitt                         Consultant – Education                                                                                      USA

            Dr. Elizabeth VanPelt             Pharmacist                                                                                                           USA

            Dr. Jeff Brody                         IBM Researcher (retired), Micro-electronics, Service Science, Education             USA

            Sandeep Pednekar                  Consultant, Innovator, CEO & Small Business Owner                                        USA

            Dr. Thaddeus Kochanski       Sensors Signals Systems, President and Chief Scientist,  RFID Tags                     USA

            Gabu Systems                        GPU Design, Development & Consulting -                    USA

SB - Small Business

*Members (individuals or other entities) have joined the Collaboratory by signing a Collaborative Agreement with eCV but are not employees of eCV