The eCV Collaboratory, teamed with the Mayo Clinic, to define the basic requirements, framework and architecture for an Asthma app for Smart Devices to help patients/doctor/caregiver(s) manage the individualized patient maintenance plan.

Asthma is a Chronic Decease that affects over 250 million people and their families worldwide each year, kills ~ 150,000 each year and is one of the top five priority lung concerns identified by the Forum of International Respiratory Societies and the WHO for the 2015-2020 agenda.  In 2009 alone, the USA spent over $56 billion taking care of over 25 million Americans with asthma with over 3,000 asthma deaths, especially in low socioeconomic groups.

The eCV Asthma app architecture uses the Smart Device (ex. Smart Phone, iPAD) in an Innovative way to develop unique waveforms to aide in real-time automatic event evaluation/alerts/recommendations and post event analysis and analytics. The app will also provide prescription and environmental tracking with aides/warnings . The framework developed can be the baseline for other chronic decease apps - ex. COPD, Diabetes.