Scientists architect the Discovery

Engineers architect the Solutions

Technical Leaders architect the Direction and Pace of the Future


The eCV Collaboratory will work with Academia, Industry and Governments to help define and develop the future generations of these 'Architects'.


Over their life span, Individuals will experience 3 to 4 "social" generations. A Social generation occurs every 20 to 25 years. During this same life span, these Individuals will experience multiple careers and over 50 "technology" generations. A Technology generation occurs about every 18 months. Even this rapid technology change can be accelerated with disruptive technical advances (Internet, Search Engines, Cloud Computing, Smartphones, 3D Printing etc.). 

The Architects of the future will need to have both breath and depth in their knowledge - T-Based Learning. Therefore it is important to think of new innovative ways to develop, mature and mentor these future 'Architects'.